Night Owl Screen Dimmer v2.17 Apk

With Night Owl you can reduce the brightness of your device screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings in order to avoid eye strain or headaches in a dark environment or at nights. You can also filter blue light which causes eye strain, inability to sleep and headaches.

Smart Tool Box v14.5 Apk

Smart Tool Box is a handy tool box app with forty smart DIY and metering tools like bubble level, ruler, compass, distance meter, unit converter, DB meter, protractor, stopwatch, NFC, bar and QR reader.,.

C Mobile Call Recorder v7.5 Apk

Simple Call Recorder application that has an ability to Enable/Disable call recordings. Enable/Disable call recording. Records all your phone calls. Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item.

HomeTouch v1.8 Apk

It transforms your finger print scanner into a powerful soft button. Manipulating your phone now becomes a relaxing and comfortable experience: In stead of pressing the sensor down to navigate to home screen, you just need to touch it.

Touch Calendar v1.2.46F Apk

Touch Calendar does it all from one zoomable and scrollable view. Now with a beautiful Material Design interface.This is the free version, that can be upgraded with a one-off purchase to get widgets to show your calendar directly on your phone’s home screen.

Fake Text Message v5.2 Apk

Trick your friends and make them believe you received the message of their dream. Ever forgot to send an important SMS to someone? This app lets you send that SMS as ‘failed’ at any time you want so that you can blame it on the phone.