App Cloner v1.5.19 Premium Apk

App Cloner v1.5.19 can be useful to simultaneously use multiple logins in apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Skype but the real fun starts by messing around with an app. App Cloner offers a multitude of modding options to tweak the new app copy.

  • Clone WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Create multiple app clones & use batch cloning
  • Save or share cloned apps
  • Replace launcher icons
  • Clone watch apps or watch face
  • Change status, navigation and toolbar colors
  • Change the rotation lock
  • Change the app language, font, font size
  • Keep screen on, immersive mode
  • Enable multi-window support, change window size
  • Remove app permissions
  • Password-protect apps
  • Incognito mode for apps
  • Exclude app from recent
  • Change Android ID, hide IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC
  • Prevent app from appearing in screenshots
  • Spoof location

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