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VolumeP v4.1 Apk

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VolumeP v4.1 Apk

VolumeP uses the minimal possible Accessibility Service configuration to listen to volume keys to launch the side popup and does not observe any user action or text that they type; however this privilege is mandatory for all accessibility services, but VolumeP disregards any events the system does send, except for those mentioned that anyway are not recorded.

  • Customize the slider choosing between many colors.
  • Use three different style, from Developer Previews 1, 2 and the new 4.
  • Blacklist feature to not show VolumeP on certain apps.
  • Customize position between 6 choices.

Also VolumeP uses the perform Global Action Accessibility service feature to perform default usage of hardware key like menu, home and back, to restore the user experience otherwise compromised from the same Accessibility service.

VolumeP v4.1 Apk

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