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Block WiFi WiFi Inspector v1.12 Apk

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Block WiFi WiFi Inspector v1.12 Apk

As a super-fast network scanner, it can scan all devices connected to your WiFi Hotspot in seconds, and monitor your WiFi connection in real-time. WiFi Router Master is the best WiFi blocker WiFi thief blocker.

Many times you don’t know why your internet speed is so slow. There might be one reason that someone is stealing your WiFi network speed without your permission. Using this app, in seconds you know how many and which device is connected to your router with IP, MAC ID and vendor listing.

  • Discovers all devices connected to a WiFi network
  • WiFi spy detect: protect network security
  • Block WiFi thief in one click
  • Default Router Username and Password List
  • Search connected devices by IP Address, Mac Address and Device Name
  • Show history of all discovered networks
  • Display full profile such as device name, manufacturer, IP address and Mac address
  • How to Know If Someone Is Using Your Wifi
  • How to See Who Is Using My Wifi
  • Wifi User Checker
  • Who Is On My Wifi Ultimate
  • How to Check Who Is Using Your Wifi
  • Default Router Passwords List Login to Router Admin

Block WiFi WiFi Inspector v1.12 Apk

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