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Universal List v27.0.0 Full Apk

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Universal List v27.0.0 Full Apk

you can MAKE UNLIMITED NUMBER of LISTS in MANAGER, and ERASE or RENAME them as required, each list consists of two sections ACTIVE LIST with current items and HISTORY LIST with items carried out, ITEMS in each LIST can be EDITED, RENAMED and ERASED,

Sharing is easy to use. You don´t have to create any account, thus no information shall be lost. Either you possess the information or the one who you send it to. You only need EMAIL account.

  • You can send the lists via e-mail from the app, clicking on SEND.
  • When receiving an e-mail, you should save the attachment in the
  • Directory/Download as a default setup for every android device.
  • No further adjustments are necessary. In the app, press the button
  • IMPORT and the app shall scan
  • Directory/DOWNLOAD and the applicable files shall be entered in the MANAGER
  • shopping lists
  • plan list
  • counting lists
  • multiplying lists
  • average lists
  • birthday list
  • notes list
  • ideas lists
  • to do lists
  • duties list

Universal List v27.0.0 Full Apk

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