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EyeFilter Bluelight v2.0.0

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EyeFilter Bluelight v2.0.0

As smartphone becomes inseparable daily necessity all day long, Please find a betterway of using smartphone with Eyefilter, relieaving the strain on your eyes.

Blue light is blue colored light with very short and visibel wavelength between 380 and 500 nm. It used to serve as medical treatment for pimples in dermatology. However, many experts say that persistent exposure of blue light is quite dangerous.

  • Prevent the screen from radiating bluelight
  • It is good for protecting visual acuity of smartphone user, especially for children and office workers
  • It doesn’t cause quick battery drain, consuming less battery power supply
  • It is easy to access and change the usage setting(On/OFF) with widget function
  • It is possible to adjust the opacity by double clicking the widget
  • Express your own individuality through a variety of themes selection
  • Set themes of widget on the wallpaper
  • Alter the notification comment and icon with your own preference
  • Bluelight filter for optimal eyesight
  • Optimal 5 sort of filters are available
  • Prevent others from peeping your screen by adjusting the opacity

EyeFilter Bluelight v2.0.0

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