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Pulse LED Charging LED v2.6

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Pulse LED Charging LED v2.6

Pulse LED is the smart, lightweight charging utility designed exclusively for your Android device. With the ability to adjust the speed, colour and priority of your device notification LED.

Pulse LED makes it quick and easy to detect your charging status without the need of touching your device. Once installed it takes just a few seconds to create your very own personally generated LED charging patterns.

  • Supports devices with multi-coloured notification LED
  • Control the adjustable pulsating notification speed
  • Display a Pulse LED notification when device battery becomes low
  • Quick-stop Pulse LED using your device proximity sensor or on face down
  • Audible gesture, announce the battery level Charging 58
  • Secure your device while charging using the disconnected charger alert

Pulse LED Charging LED v2.6

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