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MoneyWise v5.1.3

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MoneyWise v5.1.3

Using graphs and filters you get an overview of spending patterns and can also drill down to see details. For more in depth analysis of your financial situation you can easily export all data to your computer and import it to a spreadsheet application such as Excel.

MoneyWise is the only money management app that supports tagging transactions with labels. You should always assign an expense category to each transaction to get a good structure of your spending, but labels add a whole new dimension when filtering the data.

  • Doesn’t require internet access, no registration
  • Translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian
  • Supports all currencies
  • Multiple accounts
  • Budgets with weekly, biweekly or monthly budget periods and configurable starting day
  • Password protection
  • Graph expenses over time
  • Graph expenses by category
  • Tag expenses using labels
  • Filter by categories and labels
  • View by day/week/month/year
  • Monitor account balances
  • Export data to a spreadsheet application
  • Mark transactions as cleared by the bank
  • Split a transaction over multiple categories
  • Use sub categories
  • Calculator

MoneyWise v5.1.3

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