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HandWrite Pro Note & Draw v3.6 Apk for Android

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HandWrite Pro Note & Draw v3.6 Apk for Android

HandWrite Pro is a note-taking app for your finger or stylus, but it is also an advanced vector-based drawing app. Smooth writing and drawing is enabled using the “Scribmaster” drawing engine.

You can either use your fingertips, an active pen or a passive pen. The vector graphics engine allows you to zoom in without pixelation or losing quality. If you use a stylus you can set the “stylus only” option so that your wrist won’t accidentally draw lines. The app also allows you to export your work for refinement on a PC later.

  • Draw with an active Stylus (e.g. Samsung Note S-Pen) for pressure sensitivity**
  • Simulate variable line width with your finger or a passive pen using the “speed pen” option
  • Vector graphics engine, lossless zoom
  • Copy & Paste
  • PDF export
  • JPG & PNG export
  • Export directly to Evernote
  • Image import
  • Endless page size or different paper sizes
  • Two finger pinch-to-zoom or canvas movement
  • Use layers as in professional imaging software
  • Vector point manipulation
  • Organize your documents with labels like “work”, “art” and so on.
  • Economy Package
  • All premium features in one package

HandWrite Pro Note & Draw v3.6 Apk for Android

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