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MePlayer Movie Player v10.3.208 Apk

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MePlayer Movie Player v10.3.208 Apk

Playing movies in vertical view watch a movie and read subtitle script at once. MePlayer Movie is a movie player for studying language/English that supports SMI and SRT subtitles.

The whole subtitle script can be read by scrolling so that you can study English while watching a movie. Words can be found on a dictionary just by clicking at them.

  • Rewind: Goes back to the last subtitle starting point.
  • Pause/Play: Displays control menu.
  • Fast Forward: Goes to the next subtitle starting point.
  • Intelligent Replay: Automatically decides number of replays considering difficulty of the sentence.
  • Section Replay: Provides convenient section replays by sentences.
  • Subtitle Selection: Korean/English/All subtitles can be selected.
  • Sound Play: When you quit movie playing, only the sound of the movie can be played like using a MP3 player.
  • The list of searched words can be used as the vocabulary list.
  • Delete searched words: Long click words to delete.
  • TTS pronunciation support: If you can’t hear the sound, set from the phone options.
  • View SMI or SRT subtitles: Automatically scrolled as the movie is played.
  • One-touch navigation: Rewind, Play/Pause and Fast Forward by touching movie display area.
  • Subtitle Navigation
  • Sentence Replay/Intelligent Sentence Replay/Section Replay
  • Repeat
  • Dictionary function (Provides various languages in the world with Google dictionary.)
  • TTS Pronunciation support for subtitle sentences and dictionary
  • Searched Word List (Vocabulary List)
  • Movies in Horizontal View/Vertical View (Play in Vertical View)
  • Play movie in MP3
  • Continued Play from the last play stopped point
  • Continued Play
  • Adjust Subtitle Sync

MePlayer Movie Player v10.3.208 Apk

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