Multi Measure Tools v15.6 Apk

Multi Measure Tools v15.6 Apk

Multi Measure Tools v15.6 Apk

Multi Measure Tool Kit is a tool kit app with 23 cool measuring tools and utilities like spirit level, speedometer, magnetic field meter (teslameter), seismometer and more.

Speedometer: Displays you the speed on a racing-style gauge using GPS. It also records maximum speed, average speed, traveled distance and a current slope.

Distance meter: Measure distance and height of different objects using smart algorithm

Protractor: Measure the slope (angle) of any object using your camera and imaginary weight

Speed gun: Measure speed of moving objects using smart algorithm

Unit converter: Convert between different currencies and physical units. Currencies are updated automatically

Compass: Will help you discover the right direction

Location (map): Shows your current location on the map, current GPS coordinates and the altitude

Stopwatch: Measure the time accurately. It also includes the countdown option

Magnetic field: Detect magnetic field of nearby materials and observe it on real time chart

Seismometer: Observe real time seismometer data, based on Richter scale. The algorithm is auto-calibrating

Luminosity meter: Measure the environmental luminosity (Lux)

Color meter: Capture the color of any object in RGB format through your camera

Heart rate: Measure your heart rate with a camera and observe a real time pulse chart. Smart algorithms are used to filter the noise

Sound meter: Monitor the current sound pressure level and its spectrum.

Multi Measure Tools v15.6 Apk

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