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ReadItToMe Unique Handsfree v1.8 Apk

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ReadItToMe Unique Handsfree v1.8 Apk

ReadItToMe reads out your incoming callers, sms messages and other app notifications, translating txt speak into normal language. In ANY language. It’s great for use while driving, cycling, running, walking, in the gym or any other time you need to be hands free.

It also support replying to incoming SMS, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Telegram messages and more with your voice, completely hands free.

ReadItToMe will translate your incoming messages into proper English so you can understand what’s being read. You can even add your own words and translations easily through the UI.

ReadItToMe supports ANY language as long as your TTS engine (and Voice engine) has that language installed.

ReadItToMe can read any app notifications out loud, with privacy options to read either the entire contents of a notification or just the title.

ReadItToMe lets you reply to incoming messages from a number of apps, including SMS, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Telegram, Gmail, Line, Facebook Messenger and others, directly with your voice.

ReadItToMe Unique Handsfree v1.8 Apk

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