FontFix v4.1.13.0 Apk

FontFix v4.1.13.0 Apk

FontFix v4.1.13.0 Apk

Choose from hundreds of typefaces used by graphic designers and popular websites. All fonts are free for personal use and the majority are free for commercial use too. Change the system fonts on your phone or tablet. Supported for devices.

Preview the font before installing it to your system. You can also preview any font file you download from the web by selecting it from a third-party file manager or directly in the app.

Samsung and other manufacturers support changing your system font without root access. All our fonts support FlipFont for all Android versions. Other font apps no longer work on Marshmallow.

Installing a font to your system requires root access if your device does not support Flip-Font. The app will correctly install font files to your system. The app will auto-detect the correct font file to overwrite so you can enjoy any typeface on Android.

  • Over 4,300+ fonts available for your Android device.
  • Root not required for supported devices.
  • Install fonts you download from the web.
  • Additional font settings for your device.

FontFix v4.1.13.0 Apk

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