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Repetimer v1.56 Apk

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Repetimer v1.56 Apk

Are you performing a wide range of repetitive tasks and want to have a better way of managing them? Then the Repetimer tool is for you! This is a one of a kind reminder and alarm application that will keep track of all your tasks. When the time comes and you need to complete a task, the Repetimer will just send a notification right away.

This tool makes your life a whole lot easier, since you will always be notified when you need to complete any task. Do you need to water your flowers or maybe you have to perform a payment? All you need to do is to add this task into Repetimer and then you will receive a notification when necessary.

Repetimer does even more than that. It also helps you create a recurring reminder or one-off reminders if you want. You can even skip selected tasks or modify the LED colors for notifications. If you want to focus on a specific task, you can pin it on the notification drawer.

  • Create one off or recurring reminders
  • Choose the number of repeats for your reminders
  • Skip tasks if needed
  • Dedicated alarm mode
  • Dark and light themes
  • Home screen widget
  • Add as many reminders as you want
  • Modify the LED color for notifications
  • Add vibration or sounds to your reminders
  • Open up a web page or app via any reminder

Repetimer v1.56 Apk

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