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Button Mapper Remap your keys v0.53 Apk

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Button Mapper Remap your keys v0.53 Apk

Button Mapper makes it easy to map custom actions to your volume buttons, home button, back and recent apps keys. Remap your buttons to launch any app, shortcut or custom action.

Button Mapper can remap physical or capacities keys and buttons, such as volume buttons, the home button on Samsung Galaxy devices, the camera button on Sony devices, and the capacities home, back and recent apps keys found on many devices.

  • long press volume down to toggle your flashlight
  • double tap your home button to launch your favorite app
  • long press your home button to turn off the screen
  • long press volume up to instantly call or message your best friend
  • double click the back button to see your notifications
  • swap your back and recent apps keys
  • use your volume buttons to adjust screen brightness
  • long press home to toggle do not disturb mode
  • press and hold the home button to quickly check your lock screen messages, release to turn off the screen instantly
  • support for back button, recent apps button and camera button
  • Lock screen peek
  • Home screen lock
  • Four themes
  • customization of haptic feedback on button press and long press
  • option to bypass specific apps

Button Mapper Remap your keys v0.53 Apk

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