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3D Surround Music Player v1.7.01 Apk

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3D Surround Music Player v1.7.01 Apk

Enjoy Exceptional Sound Clarity with Virtual3D Surround Effects, Dynamic Bass Boost, Treble Boost and 10-Band Equalizer..Following Permissions are required to use the app properly.

When you use air tight headphone you will not be able to hear the ambient sound properly which is very dangerous when you are on the road or while driving. For that reason I have implemented a feature called “Awareness” which can be turned on/off by pressing the left button on the media player app. If you turn on this button, the app will start the microphone and capture the ambient sound and then add it to the music. In that way you can hear the ambient sound. This feature is implemented only for your safety purpose.

Contacts: This permission is required to find the google account names in your device. Account names are required to register your app in our server to activate the trial period. If I do not do this, the app can be easily hacked to bypass the trial period.

3D Surround Music Player v1.7.01 Apk

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