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Mobile Electrician v3.8 Apk

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Mobile Electrician v3.8 Apk

Basic electrical calculations on your mobile phone.lectrical Energy Calculator. Current density. Basic transformer calculations. Connection of capacitors. Capacitive reactance. Run a 3 phase motor on a single phase.

  • Capacitive Voltage Divider.
  • Capacitor Charge / Energy Calculator.
  • Capacitor alphanumeric markings.
  • Connection of resistors.
  • Voltage divider.
  • LED Resistor.
  • Decode the color bands resistors.
  • Encode the color bands resistors.
  • Wheatstone Bridge Calculator.
  • Resistor alphanumeric markings.
  • Conductor Resistance.
  • Voltage drop.
  • Electrical resistivity and conductivity.
  • Inductive reactance cable.
  • Maximum length of conductor.
  • Calculation Amps motor.
  • Calculation power motor.
  • Calculation kVa (3 Phase) motor.
  • Calculation Power Factor(3 Phase).
  • Calculation efficiency.
  • Calculation of the motor slip.
  • Calculation motor torque.

Mobile Electrician v3.8 Apk

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