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Personal Training Coach v1.78 Apk

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Personal Training Coach v1.78 Apk

You personal coach for gaining strength, building muscle, and burning fat. Follow the best and well known training programs to gain strength, build muscle, and lose fat. This app is like a strength and muscle building coach in your pocket.

  • Integrates many workout programs including StrongLifts, Starting Strength, GreySkull LP, Push pull legs, Wendler 531, and many more coming soon.
  • Records weights, sets, and reps.
  • See your progress in graphs.
  • Know which exercises you need to perform with the associated weights, sets, and reps.
  • Auto increment weight for each workout.
  • Auto deload/repeat on failure.
  • Kg/Lb – switch anytime.
  • Exercise descriptions

Personal Training Coach v1.78 Apk

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