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Studious v4.1 Apk

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Studious v4.1 Apk

To get started with Studious, add your subjects first through the Subjects option in the menu. That’s it. Then you’re free to edit your timetable, homework and exams as you wish.

  • Vibrate – exam, homework notifications
  • Read & write external storage – for backing up & restoring timetable
  • Internet, access network state, billing – ads and ad removal
  • Receive boot completed timetable, exam, homework notifications
  • Brand new icon!
  • You can now view class type and location in the grid timetable
  • Class locations will auto fill based on previously entered locations
  • Expanded notifications for homework and exams
  • Save to .png and saving backups has been fixed

Studious v4.1 Apk

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