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Vault Hide Pictures & Videos v1.1.7 Apk

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Vault Hide Pictures & Videos v1.1.7 Apk

Lock docs, Apps, Gallery, Social Network and a lot more via All in one Vault. Best of all, you have the option to upload locked and encrypted data to your Dropbox account. In all, this app is the Swiss army knife for smart phone data privacy.

It is the perfect smart lock app for your smartphone. It prevents other users from accessing certain apps on your device. Dynamic app Locker hides and password-protects your sensitive apps on your Android phone.

  • With this application, you can easily secure all your sensitive cards such as credit cards, ATM cards, driving license, ID cards and other types of card details.
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your sensitive data. Easily and conveniently backup all your locked files to your Dropbox.
  • Write secret notes and to do lists with the option to attach photos and audio recordings. Categorize them for easy management.
  • Conveniently lock and access Vault. You can either set up a strong password, a unique PIN or a complex pattern as your primary security lock.
  • Switch to another application with just a shake, flick or placing the palm of your hand on the screen. Panic
  • Switch keeps you safe against snoopers.
  • Set up a fake account with fake data to create the impression you have nothing to hide, prevents suspicions of authorized users.

Vault Hide Pictures & Videos v1.1.7 Apk

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