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MINT Browser Secure & Fast v6.1 Apk

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MINT Browser Secure & Fast v6.1 Apk

In Incognito+, browsing data is private to your eyes only. Access Incognito by long clicking the hat button. Alternatively, you can use normal incognito by just clicking the hat button.

Bookmark your favorite incognito pages, keep track of your incognito history, and make private notes. Your Incognito+ bookmarks, history, and notes are encrypted.

Instead of having to constantly switch between apps to take notes, take notes and browse – all on the same screen.

  • See local weather conditions right on your homepage.
  • Pin your favorite pages to the homepage for quick access.
  • Sync your bookmarks & notes across your devices, even ones made in incognito mode
  • Slick design means faster loading. MINT Browser’s architecture is designed to be speedy like a lightweight browser, but not lightweight in features.

MINT Browser Secure & Fast v6.1 Apk

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