Photo Info Eraser v2.0.4 Apk

Photo Info Eraser v2.0.4 Apk

Photo Info Eraser v2.0.4 Apk

Information named EXIF is included in the JPEG image. The date of the JPEG image, update, the terminal name of which it takes a picture, and the manufacturer name and Geo Tag information, etc. are included in EXIF.

  • This application program deletes EXIF from the JEPG image.
  • And, it preserves it as a new JPEG image.
  • The preserved image is done and “Share” can be done to other application programs.
  • An original image is not edited.
  • There is no image viewer in Photo Info Eraser.
  • EXIF is deleted by cooperation from other image viewer application programs.


  • The image viewer application program is started.
  • Sharing the image that wants to delete EXIF is executed.
  • PhotoInfo Eraser is selected from the list of sharing.


  • Tag deletion button under the screen is clicked.
  • The deletion result screen of EXIF is displayed.
  • The image that deletes EXIF can be appended to mail by pushing “Share”.

Photo Info Eraser v2.0.4 Apk

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