DSLR Control Remote v3.2.0 Apk

DSLR Control Remote v3.2.0 Apk

DSLR Control Remote v3.2.0 Apk

Turn your phone or tablet into a DSLR controller. No computer or laptops required, only your compatible phone or tablet and a USB OTG cable. See a live preview on your phone or tablet, adjust shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and more.

With DSLR Control,  taking time lapse photos is easier than ever. You can set your camera to fire automatically at any interval or speed that you set, and set how long you want it go. It will also calculate how long a time lapse video will be, with a FPS (frames per second) that you set.

Set how many shots to take, and DSLR Control Plus will automatically fire your shutter that many times in a row.

Record video, Currently only supported on Canon cameras. We are adding movie recording for Nikon cameras soon.

Shoot in Bulb mode, Currently only supported on Canon cameras that do not have a “B” setting on mode dial, and some newer Nikon cameras.

DSLR Control Plus has a unique Focus Stacking Assist tool, which allows you to automatically take a set number of photos with a variance in focus, so that you can stack them together later in post processing.

DSLR Control Remote v3.2.0 Apk

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