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Superuser X Pro Root vL 106 Apk

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Superuser X Pro Root vL 106 Apk

Simple and straight forward design press Install button once and forget. Once installed it will give permanent SuperUser access to all apps without any notification. Use with caution with untrusted apps which may misuse root. Works with with devices up to Jellybean. Will disappoint you on KitKat and Lollipop.

  • Superuser X is a simple and alternative way to grant superuser rights to groot apps
  • This App is loved by 83 people like you, 595 people have even shared on G+
  • The free version of this App is used by over 110k people and loved by 1246, 808 G+ shares
  • User Experience program
  • Major UI Overhaul
  • Fix Minor bugfixes

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