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Mi Bandage Support v1.16.0 Patched Apk

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Mi Bandage Support v1.16.0 Patched Apk

The app currently supports only Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Mi Bandage requires the installation of the official Mi Fit app on the same device. At first you have to pair Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in Mi Fit app, then you can use Mi Bandage.

  • Mi Band 2 pair (if you had a problem with Mi fit screen unlock feature)
  • show battery state
  • show last connection time
  • show last disconnection time
  • incoming call signal with caller display and automatic character conversion on Mi Band 2
  • missed call signal with caller display on Mi Band 2
  • displays the app’s notification texts on Mi Band 2
  • device screen wake up
  • have notification
  • Mi Band 2 vibrates and displays icon 1,2,3 times, icon based on the number of notifications, once per Mi Band 2 icon
  • immediate signal when notification is received
  • when connecting to device
  • reminder signal and repeat interval
  • signal only when screen is off
  • ongoing notifications are enabled or disabled
  • device screen wake up
  • playing ringtone on device, vibration, screen wake up

If you installed the Greenify (or other hibernating app) turn it off.

  • Install Mi Bandage.
  • Restart phone.
  • Turn off, on Bluetooth.
  • Open Mi Fit app, wait until the synchronization done.
  • Turn on discoverable, close it.
  • Open Mi Bandage app, click green discover button.

Mi Bandage Support v1.16.0 Patched Apk

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