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Database Script Tool v2.3 Pro Apk

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Database Script Tool v2.3 Pro Apk

Code generation can save you a considerable amount of money, reducing time of coding and debugging. Speed up your projects reducing human errors and avoiding repetitive tasks. Now you can focus on what matters most.

  • DDL Scripts for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL-Server, Firebird and SQLite.
  • Stored Procedures for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL-Server and Firebird.
  • Standard SQL Commands (Select, Insert, Update and Delete).
  • Model Classes for PHP, Java, C#, VB.Net, C++, Python, Delphi, Ruby, Swift, ORMLite (Android) , Hibernate,
  • Entity framework and Kotlin.
  • Android Database Helper & ORMLite Database Helper classes.
  • Android (XML) Layout Forms & Resource Strings.xml.
  • iOS Localizable . strings
  • iOS Swift (Model & SQLite.swift managers)
  • HTML HTML5 Forms.
  • Hibernate DAOs.
  • AD-FREE.

Every piece of Code – Script will be simple and feature-equivalent no matter what DBMS or Programming Language you choose. Descriptions will be included as comments when provided. Just keep in mind that some features such as generating Stored procedures or SQL Commands require that every table has an auto numeric field as a primary key to work properly.

Database Script Tool v2.3 Pro Apk

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