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SSD Boost v1.0.8 Apk

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SSD Boost v1.0.8 Apk

Smartphone internal storage uses solid state technology SSD. Counterpart to lower access time, and less latency of SSD is that its performance may degrade over time: writing after writing, the memory cells show a measurable drop in performance, and will continue degrading throughout the life.

Though the main goal of the app is the optimization of flash memory, many users have also experienced a better responsiveness in the startup of the apps, a longer battery endurance and a decreased temperature of the phone.

Probably because SSD Boost app is a workaround to some insane process running in the background, that keeps writing to disc. This has been experienced from Android ICS version to Nougat.

Android v4.3+ supports trim natively, it means that operating system after deleting a file will sends a trim command to nand controller notifying witch blocks the file used, the controller will erase them when idle so it can write fast without erasing next time.

  • Samsung Galaxy R.
  • Samsung Galaxy SII.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note.
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
  • Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

SSD Boost v1.0.8 Apk

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