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Power Clean Optimize Cleaner v2.9.6.0 Apk

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Power Clean Optimize Cleaner v2.9.6.0 Apk

Power Memory Cleaner and RAM Performance Booster (Memory Booster) of Power Clean speedup your Android phone and optimize your device performance.

With these two speed booster modes, you are free to speed up your phone in different ways. The RAM Booster quickly scans device and boosts mobile phone with effective RAM Cleaner; the advanced speed boost  detects auto start apps and allows you to stop those you don’t want.

  • The volume booster for Android free up your device storage space by cleaning cache creek, obsolete APKs, residual junk files, AD cache folders and other types of system junk file. The junk removal is fast and secure.
  • Power Clean is a smart cleaner and booster for Android. The junk remover and clutter cleaner library (2017) is the most updated one. It tells junk files from usable files accurately.
  • Power Clean cache cleaner for android includes system cache file reviewer, AD cache file reader, and junk removal cache clean functionality.
  • Power Clean is detect & delete apps residual junk. The residual cleaner and its residue clean up function cleanup android store space taken by residual files.
  • Duplicate pictures on device also are very likely to take storage space on your Android. With Power Clean duplicate photo remover, it becomes easy to delete duplicate pictures. The photo storage manager recognizes similar pics and keeps the best one for you.

Power Clean Optimize Cleaner v2.9.6.0 Apk

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