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Touchless Notifications Pro v3.30 Apk

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Touchless Notifications Pro v3.30 Apk

Pro puts a permanent notification in the shade (but no icon in the bar) if you select any of the headset/power monitoring features. Remove the notification by disabling all connection triggers.

  • start driving
  • connect headphones
  • say a Google Voice Search command “Open my notifications”
  • plug or unplug charger
  • Works with any messaging app
  • 90 Percent hands free
  • Swipe to skip, pause, dismiss or launch the app
  • Shake
  • or wave at phone to mute
  • Greeting text
  • Time
  • Battery
  • Ambient temperature
  • Blacklist apps
  • Amount of details read (even expanded notification text)
  • speech engine, rate
  • dual language speech with language detection
  • mark apps which use your other language
  • pause or duck music
  • pocket sensing
  • Great out of the box, but may be fine tuned to the extreme. Quick ¬†Advanced settings

Touchless Notifications Pro v3.30 Apk

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