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Secure Erase with iShredder 5 v5.1.3 Apk

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Secure Erase with iShredder 5 v5.1.3 Apk

iShredder is the most popular data shredder (eraser) app which securely deletes data leaving them irrecoverable and protects falling into malicious hands.

You might think you’ve deleted those photos, data and videos on your mobile device, but anyone can restore those manually deleted files from the free space on your device until the data itself has been overwritten using certified secure deletion algorithms.

It’s easy to restore supposedly deleted files from the memory on smartphones these days. Files containing notes, passwords, address book, photos, videos, calendars, bookmarks and more.

iShredder surpasses international standards used by state and military organizations in secure file eraser with a wide selection of tried and a  trusted state of the art deletion algorithms. Each algorithm has been analyzed by authorities and independent organizations to make sure it really does what it says on the tin data destruction beyond redemption.

  • Certified deletion algorithms
  • Securely overwrite the free space
  • Securely Erase files & folders
  • Deletion Report
  • Secure Deletion of the whole sd card
  • Secure Deletion of mounted devices such as external usb sticks, hard disks, etc.
  • Securely Erase photos, gallery, facial recognition, etc.
    Securely wipe all contacts or a single contact, text messages, WhatsApp, Call logs, clipboard, etc.
  • Securely delete SMS, text messages, etc.

Secure Erase with iShredder 5 v5.1.3 Apk

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