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ActiMap Outdoor maps v1.1.13.0 Paid Apk

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ActiMap Outdoor maps v1.1.13.0 Paid Apk

ActiMap comes with a small starter library of online maps (map sources) with the ability to easily add your own from the ActiMap online map sources library, or manually.

  • Simple interface design specifically for use on the go
  • One tap control of track recording
  • Real-time current location, heading, and track display
  • Low battery usage
  • Download multiple maps simultaneously
  • Pause and resume map downloads
  • Import, export and share downloaded maps
  • Import, export and share GPX files
  • Import, export and share online map source definitions
  • Manually add and edit map sources
  • Display multiple tracks in different colours
  • Smooth map scrolling
  • Smooth zooming, not limited to fixed zoom levels
  • Embedded help guides for use offline
  • Track summary metrics can now be shown for saved and imported tracks as well as for the currently recording track.
  • It is now possible to view and compare the altitude profiles of saved and imported tracks without a current track recording.
  • Interpolation now applied to recorded track elevation to improve accuracy.
  • Online maps page now displays as expected in landscape mode.

ActiMap Outdoor maps v1.1.13.0 Paid Apk

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