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Sound Spectrum Pro v1.61 Apk

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Sound Spectrum Pro v1.61 Apk

Everything is included, bundled in a friendly interface with many on-screen controls and smooth real-time display. Synchronous measurement mode (including frequency sweep) for clean and fast spectrum analysis.

  • FFT (amplitude) and RTA (octave, 1/3 octave, down to 1/24 octave).
  • Sound pressure level dBA, dBC, and dBZ.
  • Equivalent continuous sound level LAeq, LCeq, LZeq.
  • Impulse response and RT60 measurement.
  • Large font SPL + LEQ meter.
  • Lightning-fast FFT with size from 8192 to 65536, giving accuracy better than 1Hz.
  • Sample rate of 48kHz, if supported by the device.
  • Many window functions to choose from.
  • Logarithmic or linear frequency axis.
  • Peak and valley hold with adjustable decay.
  • Highest peak display
  • Adjustable exponential smoothing.
  • Easy pan (drag) and zoom (pinch).
  • Measurement cursors, also used for setting frequency of signal generators.
  • File load/save and full calibration capability, for accurate SPL readings.
  • Signal generators: tone, white noise, white sweep, pink noise, pink sweep, pink octave, pink 1/3 octave.

Sound Spectrum Pro v1.61 Apk

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