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Percentage Calculator v1.1.5 Premium Apk

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Percentage Calculator v1.1.5 Premium Apk

Instantly calculate and visualize all kind of percentages. Any input value can either be a source or result of a calculation just enter the values you know and it will calculate the remaining one.

  • Value: Sales Tax, VAT, School, mathematics, statistics, algebra, Fat Percentage in Food, Cooking Ingredients)
  • Change: Percentage Increase/Decrease, Tips, Markups, Profit Margin, Shopping Discounts, Sale Price, Net/Gross Price; Return on Investment
  • Conversion: Convert Fractions
  • Growth: Business and Financial, Compound Interest, Inflation, Cumulative Growth, Compound Annual Growth Rate, Doubling Time

Percentage Calculator v1.1.5 Premium Apk

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