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Sun Locator Pro v2.11 Apk

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Sun Locator Pro v2.11 Apk

Anticipate lighting conditions in photography-filming, real estate, architecture, outdoor activities (i.e setting up camp), solar panel positioning, gardening, and more.

  • Photography: when and where will the sun rise and set? When are the Blue hour and the golden hour? When and where will the moon shine tonight?
  • Gardening: do your plants get enough direct sunlight during the course of the day and year?
  • Real estate: does a neighboring building obstruct the sun and cause shade?
  • Architecture: How much sunshine will your home get? Does the sun shine through your window?
  • Camping: will the sun shine on your tent?
  • Hiking: when does dawn start and dusk end?
  • Solar panels: Will there be nearby obstructions?
  • Use your current GPS location or choose any location on a map
  • Save your favorite locations
  • Use the current time or choose any time of day
  • Get data about sunrise/sunset times, twilight (dusk/dawn), photography times.
  • Get data about moonrise/moonset and moon phase
  • View the sun’s and moon’s position at the chosen location and time overlaid on your device’s camera
  • Overlay the sun and moon path on the map and anticipate the casting of shadow.
  • Track the sun’s and moon’s position by using the slider to set a time of day and day of year

Sun Locator Pro v2.11 Apk

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