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Precise Volume v1.19 Pro Apk

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Precise Volume v1.19 Pro Apk

Precise Volume overrides Android’s fifteen volume steps limit, giving you to 100 different volume levels. Other apps simply give the illusion of having more volume steps. Precise Volume safely hooks into your device’s audio system to give you more volume control options.

Also, you can make it so that when you plug a device into your headphone jack, a dialog automatically pops up asking you which headphone preset to use.

  • Limit volume and protect your hearing
  • Features a nifty volume limit feature for headphone use.
  • Tons of settings
  • Precise Volume is extremely customizable, allowing you to tweak settings to fit your lifestyle.
  • Presets allow you to quickly and easily set your volume for different situations, such as: with specific pairs of headphones, while plugged into an AUX cord in your car, etc.
  • Activate presets when headphones are plugged in, bluetooth is connected, an app is opened, etc.
  • Adjust sound how you like it. Create equalizer presets for all of your favorite genres.
  • Boost volume higher than Android normally allows
  • Force volume buttons to use Media by default instead of Ringer.
  • Show an ongoing notification with volume controls, giving you quick access to Precise Volume.
  • Override system volume control behavior while your screen is off or in your pocket. Very useful for people who listen to music/podcasts/etc with their screen off.
  • Activate presets automatically when headphones are plugged in, bluetooth is connected, an app is opened, etc.
  • Change the number of volume steps. You can change it to anything between 0 and 1,000,000+ By default, Android comes with just 15.
  • The amount of volume that will be changed when the volume buttons are pressed.
  • Enables a dark app/UI Theme – perfect for night viewing and devices with OLED displays
  • Change how slowly or quickly volume goes from minimum to maximum.
  • Changing the volume of any spectrum will automatically change ALL of the other volume spectrums to match it.

Precise Volume v1.19 Pro Apk

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