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Celestial Navigator v3.3 Paid Apk

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Celestial Navigator v3.3 Paid Apk

It features a rise set and merpass calculator, a line of position and compass error including gyro calculator , a celestial fix calculator ,an almanac of sun, moon, planets and fifty eight navigational stars.

It supports the three most widely used navigational methods for calculation of lines of position i.e. intercept,long by chronometer and latitude by meridian altitude.

It also features a true wind calculator,an eta calculator, a sailing calculator featuring great circle and Mercator sailing calculators along with intermediate point calculator.

The accuracy of the results displayed has been thoroughly tested with the US navy website, the nautical almanac of 2013.The results are with in 10-15 seconds which is accurate enough for sea.

Celestial Navigator v3.3 Paid Apk

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