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Earthquake Network Pro alerts v7.8.11 Apk

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Earthquake Network Pro alerts v7.8.11 Apk

Earthquake Network is the most comprehensive app on earthquakes and the only working app with real time alerts. It is now possible to upload pictures about the earthquake effects for quakes above magnitude 5.5.

  • Apkdreams real time detection of earthquakes using networks of smartphones (only strong earthquakes)
  • Earthquake warning seconds in advance (for people living not too close to the epicentre)
  • User’s reports on felt earthquakes
  • Automatic e-mails and SMS with your coordinates sent when an earthquake is detected in real time
  • Earthquake data from national and international seismic networks
  • Chat rooms for exchanging info during an earthquake emergency
  • Earthquake notifications through voice synthesizer
  • Earthquake warning in case of vibrations detected by your smartphone

Earthquake Network Pro alerts v7.8.11 Apk

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