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Astro Gold v2.2.2 Patched Apk

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Astro Gold v2.2.2 Patched Apk

You asked for, and we have delivered, professional app on a Android device. The app is clean, clear and precise, and uses the latest Swiss Ephemeris and ACS Atlas files. If you love astrology and want a professional astrology app then look no further. If you are a user of the Solar Fire PC program then you can exchange chart files between this app and your Solar Fire program via email import and export.

  • Cast new Natal charts
  • Cast Solar Return charts
  • Cast Secondary Progressed charts
  • Cast Solar Arc Directed charts
  • Cast Relationship or Composite charts
  • Save charts to file and open charts from file
  • Edit charts
  • Re-open a recently used chart
  • Import and export chart files via email
  • Chart files are fully compatible and interchangeable with Solar Fire desktop astrology program for PC
  • Select either 1+ chart or 2+ charts at a time for display
  • Print charts or send chart images by email
  • Zooming/panning display to view hi-res wheels and grids
  • Single Chart Wheels
  • Bi-Wheels
  • Aspect grid with aspects of longitude and declination
  • Synastry grids
  • Apkdreams Basic chart details listing
  • Chart aspects listing (sorted by planet or by orb)

Astro Gold v2.2.2 Patched Apk

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