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Selfish Selfie Camera v1.07 Paid Apk

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Selfish Selfie Camera v1.07 Paid Apk

With Selfish you’ll take selfies easily and they will look amazing. No more pressing the camera button! The camera will automatically take selfies for you, three different automatic modes.

  • Choose the number of faces. Once your chosen number of faces are detected, it will automatically take the picture. You may use your high quality back camera and set face centering voice instructions to take a selfie without looking at the phone’s screen.
  • Set the timer delay, the number of pictures and Selfish will take a picture at the time delay you’ve set.
  • Apkdreams Choose a magic keyword, Selfish will take a picture every time you say it.
  • After taking your selfies you can decide what pictures to keep and what not. Every picture you keep will be placed in your Selfish gallery.
  • You have awesome effects to choose from such as Beauty Face (smooth skin), Sepia, Fat Face and a lot more!
    Just open the image and click the edit icon.

Selfish Selfie Camera v1.07 Paid Apk

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