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GPS tracker My Family v5.32 Premium Apk

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GPS tracker My Family v5.32 Premium Apk

GPS tracker My Family is the most secure app. We have no registration and no reference to personal data. We do not store any chat history, nor information about locations. All data is stored only on the phones of our users.

  • You decide on your own when your family can see where you are.
  • TURN ON KID MODE on your child’s phone. Your little wanderer won’t be able to turn off location services or change the app’s settings. As well as producing a voice audition for VoIP means. You will be able to hear what is happening near your child and say something on the speakerphone.
  • VIEW MOVEMENT HISTORIES for any of your family members on the map using the Tracking function. Movement histories are stored for three years!
  • CREATE PLACES and receive a notification when a family member arrives at or leaves a place. You can set up multiple geo fences. You will no longer have to worry about whether your child made it to school or your grandma to the cottage.
  • Select from 15+ colour themes
  • Apkdreams Your family will always be there to talk.
  • A family counsellor of sort that will give you advice based on your family’s behaviour.

GPS tracker My Family v5.32 Premium Apk

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