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Tools for Google Maps v3.27 Paid Apk

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Tools for Google Maps v3.27 Paid Apk

With this tool maps from Google Maps are shown in full screen mode or immersive mode without any object to interfere. You can add and edit polylines, polygons, rectangles, circles and markers.

  • You can also add text with colors, resize and rotate them
  • All colors support transparency.
  • easy command to take a snapshot of the map using the entire screen
  • address search function
  • support all the gesture from google maps
  • from the navigation drawer easy switch from different map mode: normal, satellite, hybrid, terrain
  • options to enabled compass, buildings, traffic, indoor
  • one touch to enter / leave full screen mode
  • Apkdreams support immersive mode for Android 4.4 devices

Tools for Google Maps v3.27 Paid Apk

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