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Recipe Book v6.0.3.0 Pro Apk

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Recipe Book v6.0.3.0 Pro Apk

Recipe Book can cater your every culinary need, be it Sunday brunches, easy beginner’s recipes, Party recipes, quick Bachelor recipes,Halloween recipes, Christmas recipes, Thanksgiving recipes etc, we have it all.

For those of you who cannot be online often, Recipe Book can also work offline . All you have to do is save the recipes you want to try out later to the offline category, and you can view the recipes anytime, anywhere.

Clicking pictures for recipes is way more fun than typing it out, we feel. So grab your phone and start snapping shots of all those ingredients you have and upload them. A collection of apt recipes will unfurl before you in no time.

We understand not all of us are sure about what to cook for a meal, so to save you from futile recipe searches, we bring you this fun feature, where all you have to do is tap on the ingredient icons matching to those ingredients you have, and shake your phone. You will be presented with plenty of recipe choices in an instant. Additionally, this helps in curbing the wastage of leftover food ingredients as well.

Favorite the recipes that catch your eye to have your own collection. Apkdreams You can always rely on these recipes when you’re in the mood to whisk up something wonderful.

Recipe Book v6.0.3.0 Pro Apk

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