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Network Cell Info v4.0.3 App

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Network Cell Info v4.0.3 App

Network Cell Info features 6+ separate signal-meter gauges for the serving cell, as well as for neighbor cells signal strengths and 6+ parallel signal strength vs. time plots of the serving cell, as well as neighbor cells.

It further has the capability of getting the cell locations from the Mozilla Location Service. MLS includes also OpenCellID (OCID) data..

There are also capabilities of saving log files, raw view of detailed network signal info, network info, including signal strength, serving and neighbor cell information, SIM and device info, screen rotation (portrait or landscape).

  • One can also turn off the gauges individually by tapping, to release some burden from the CPU.
  •  Check whether your network signal strength is adequate or not
  • Check whether your network is over-tuned or under-tuned in your area
  • Check how many cell neighbors are active in your area and their signal strength
  • Locate the cell you’re connected to in the map (it shows as antenna) using the MLS service
  • Depicting in the map the route colored according to network signal strength along with markers showing whether the signal is 4G LTE, 3G or 2G.
  • Check your SIM and device relevant info.

Network Cell Info v4.0.3 App

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