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Smart Settings PRO v1.4.0

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Smart Settings PRO v1.4.0

SmartSettings enable system settings for selected apps only. SmartSettings is an application-based setting switcher which allows you to automatically switch system settings for selected applications.

Each setting can be set individually for every installed application on your phone and enables when the selected application comes to foreground. As long as the application is in foreground, the setting(s) stays enabled. Once the application is closed, the setting is disabled again.

Note: You can still enable or disable settings manually from system settings at any time! Contrary to other other available apps, Smart Settings is automatically started after rebooting the device (can be disabled at any time in menu).

  • Normal: Enables setting only for selected applications.
  • Invert: Disables setting only for selected applications.

Smart Settings PRO v1.4.0

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