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PDF Utility v5.9 Paid

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PDF Utility v5.9 Paid

PDF split functionality will split the PDF file at given page number and creates multiple pdf files. The PDF merge functionality will allow user to select multiple PDF files and merge them into one PDF file.

If you have photos in PDF file, extract functionality will extract all photos from PDF file. It will keep the PDF file intact but extract all photos in selected folder.

You can encrypt or password protect your PDF file to avoid others to open it without password.

If you have two PDF files and want to overlay one over another one, you can use the overlay functionality. This is useful when you have letter head and letter in two different pdf files and want to overlay letter over letter head.

If you have photos and you want to convert them into PDF, you can use image to pdf functionality. It allows user to convert either one or multiple image files into one single pdf file. This is very convenient when you want to send large number of photo to other into one file.

Very elegant and intuitive simple user interface based on google’s latest material design.

App is localized into multiple languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and many more to serve app’s global user base.

PDF Utility v5.9 Paid

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