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Mountain Lake Pro LWP v1.2.1

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Mountain Lake Pro LWP v1.2.1

It is a 3D app will take you on a vacation of your dreams on the shore of the magnificent lake, which is located in delightfully scenic mountains and hill-among pine groves and flower fields.

It all contributes to physical rest and emotional relaxation. So do not deny yourself the pleasure! Set these beautiful 3D live wallpaper and let a piece of earthly paradise will always be with you.

  • Automatic background change over time
  • Animated sky and clouds
  • Dynamic display of the sky in the lakes
  • Moving 3D background
  • Great balloons
  • Glowing stars and Perseids
  • User-friendly menu
  • Saves battery
  • Full HD texture
  • 3D parallax
  • Available all the backgrounds and settings
  • Advanced settings menu
  • No advertising
  • All options available
  • Available 12+ backgrounds

Mountain Lake Pro LWP v1.2.1

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