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Finance Manager v2.9.27 Pro App

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Finance Manager v2.9.27 Pro App

As a rule, money ends at the most inappropriate moment, and then it is very difficult to remember: where and when you spent a rather large sum. It is difficult to understand, how much money left your pocket for health, education, entertainment, etc. It is more difficult to save a large sum for a vacation or to buy a house.

We recommend to create limits (budget) on expenses for a month/day/any period. It will allow you to understand the difference between the actual and planned expenses. If you keep within a limit then you will control your money flows completely.

  • Unlimited attention to your wishes and recommendations
  • Convenient and functional interface
  • Reliable support
  • Management of any quantity of accounts
  • Opportunity to add, edit and delete operations on wallets: income, expenses, transfers
  • Editable tree of categories, adjusts it for yourself
  • Opportunity to add new currencies
  • Opportunity to adjust periodical (recurring) operations
  • The application will be precise on how much money you owe or somebody owes you
  • Protection of your personal information by password
  • Possibility to synchronize data on several devices
  • Possibility to create templates operations
  • Import and export data
  • Export data to XLS

Finance Manager v2.9.27 Pro App

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