FourInOne Video Selfie v1.2 Apk

FourInOne Video Selfie v1.2 Apk

FourInOne Video Selfie is an amazing and crazy concept of taking video selfies to next level. Imagine having four videos of you with different expressions stitched together and playing simultaneously as a single video.

App allows you to record four videos one by one. Record each video with a different expression to add to the fun factor. Then merge the videos to create a single video where all four are playing together.

With some imagination its possible to create really crazy and innovative videos in a matter of minutes using just your phone. Group of friends at a concert, hilarious beach / pool videos, reaction videos anything.

  • select video duration
  • Record video 1
  • Record video 2
  • Record video 3
  • Record video 4
  • tap Merge Videos button
  • view the output file
  • share output file with your friends directly from app

FourInOne Video Selfie v1.2 Apk

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