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Root Uninstaller v1.2.3 Pro App

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Root Uninstaller v1.2.3 Pro App

Root Uninstaller is the best tool for managing your android app & package. One-click to backup & uninstall multiple apps and packages, save your memory, improve the performance.

  • Uninstall application any Installed, Bloatware (pre-installed) & System app
  • Disable application disable/enable (freeze) app. Disabled app will be freezed, disapeared and unavailable from running and updating
  • Disable services disable/enable (freeze) any service of app
  • Backup Apk backup (extract) Apk file to SDCard (in folder /Root_Uninstaller_Bakup/)
  • Convert to System/Normal app – convert app from Normal to System or from System to Normal
  • Apk Manager manage apk files on SDCard with delete, instal, rename, move to folder, delete duplicate file function
  • Display detail information – of app (package name, version, package size, data size, cache size, file path and description)
  • Filter – by Installed, System & Apk Manager tabs or Disabled package list, Running package list and Running services list
  • Sort – by various mode by name, size, time, ascending, descending
  • Password protection – lock this app by passcode
  • Classify app – as [Could uninstall] and [Key module]
  • More functions – search by Google, Launch, Clear Cache
  • Multiple Theme – with Default, Light & Dark theme
  • Material Design – simple and easy to use

Root Uninstaller v1.2.3 Pro App

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