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Mathex Scientific Calculator v1.4.3 Patch Apk

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Mathex Scientific Calculator v1.4.3 Patch Apk

Direct algebraic logic: enter equations as they are written. History Playback: Recall any of the 10 last steps you have made. Expression (re)editing: change equations and recalculate. Chain calculations: use answer in following equation. 2-Line display: check your equation and answer at the same time.

  • Intuitive Plotting feature
  • Symbolic derivative
  • Metric conversions
  • Physical constants table
  • 10+ numerical memories
  • Percentages calculations
  • Combinatoric operators
  • Trigonometry functions in degrees, radians or grads
  • Normal, Fixed, Scientific or Engineering display modes
  • Thin space digit grouping (SI/ISO 31-0 standard)
  • Random number generator/White Noise for functions
  • Sturdy, stylish look

Mathex Scientific Calculator v1.4.3 Patch Apk

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